crystal chakra mat

crystal chakra mat

The Rainbow Chakra Mat is the ultimate support device for chakra cleansing and balancing, perfect for anyone looking to awaken their inner spiritual energy. It comes with 7 different natural gemstones that heat up when used, providing optimal comfort and focus while releasing tension in your body. Furthermore, its surface helps facilitate the detoxification process due to excessive sweating which purifies the body.

Not only that, but the Rainbow Chakra Mat 7428 Inframat Pro® delivers far-infrared, negative ion, photon and PEMF therapies to allow for chakra alignment regardless of size while ridding your body of any electrical interference. Additionally, it emits the same frequency as sunlight and Earth (7.8 Hz) which is compatible with the human body's biorhythm, helping to expand self-awareness and consciousness. The mat measures 74”x 28” which fits standard massage tables, making it ideal for professionals or personal use. With the Rainbow Chakra Mat, anyone can expect physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation.  

By using the Rainbow Chakra Mat, users can experience a variety of benefits including improved relaxation, stress relief, enhanced overall health and well-being, better sleep quality, and increased spiritual awareness. The natural gemstones used in the mat help to reduce inflammation while cleansing toxins from the body. The far-infrared rays promote healthier skin and strengthen immune systems, while the PEMF technology helps balance chakras and improve energy flow. The Rainbow Chakra Mat also aids in mental clarity, allowing for better focus and cognitive function. Additionally, users can expect to benefit from improved circulation, emotional stability and spiritual connection. With its various natural therapies, the Rainbow Chakra Mat is sure to help improve overall health and wellbeing.

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